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Our aim is to convert your website’s formal visitors to new leads and customers. We, at GRIPHENS, develop web applications which look professional and trustworthy and ultimately compel your prospective clients to do business with you.

We develop interactive database web applications based on PHP/MySQL with the highly advanced features like CMS (Content Management System), Two Way Communications and Online Stores etc. Similarly our e-commerce solutions are made to maximize your profitability by saving time and money through automation. These solutions offer highly secured, easy to use shopping features along with easy to manage customized databases for shopping and ordering systems that integrate with your existing accounting system.

We excel in all spheres of web development like e-commerce business development, client-side/server-side coding, CMS and web server configuration. The expertise to develop sites with the most complex web-based internet applications makes us a credible partner.

We have been regularly developing sites for online shopping, shopping order management, tours & travel booking and so on by effectively integrating payment getaways enabling the web merchants to receive payments online.

There is a rising demand of Web based applications in the organizations with multiple operations. Web server based architectures are essential for such services. Web application enables the users to securely access applications from anywhere. The facility to update and maintain Web applications without distributing and installing software on thousands of client computers has made it extremely popular in recent times. It provides you with an improved way of interacting with clients, suppliers and business partners.

We at GRIPHENS, develop Web based applications which are secure, scalable and easily accessible. Moreover, our web services enable our clients to reach their associates and customers without the constraints of time and boundary thereby escalating their businesses and maximizing returns. Quality Assurance Tests are religiously done on all web application elements for security, functionality and stability.

Some major advantages of web applications developed by us are as follows:

  • Existing applications can work as both a desktop and Web solution.
  • Employees have data access from anywhere.
  • It reduces the cost as it can be maintained remotely.
  • A Web-based application can host parts of an application in different locations.
  • Multiple machines can host multiple instances of the application. It prevents server overload.
  • Security can be centrally managed.

e-Commerce has become a natural progression for many companies once they have established their web presence. We at GRIPHENS have the expertise to provide customized e-commerce solutions to bring you a competitive edge in the World Wide Web. We can effectively set up an on-line store, implement credit card processing, automate shipping and much more for your business.

More over we offer you all types of e-commerce related services like Electronic Funds Ttransfer (EFT), Supply Chain Management, e-marketing, Online Marketing, Online Transaction Processing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), automated inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

This Content Management System is a web interface that allows authorized users to manage/edit the content of the website. This system provides an easy to use menu system and a WYSIWYG (MS Word Type) editor, allowing users to edit the content in the same manner as using a word processing package.

Content management system is a web based software application for organizing and facilitating website management through a web browser. A content management system is frequently a web application used for managing websites and web content. It is designed for non-technical users to add or edit content, upload and add images and to manage the website content.

In addition, the CMS covers the following items:

  • Standards template (CSS Driven) W3c compliant.
  • Browser based content creation and modification.
  • Web based WYSIWYG Editor which allows webmasters to edit pages, with features of standard word processors.
  • Webmasters can create unlimited sections, categories and sub-categories (nested categories) to organize content.
  • Multiple languages support.
  • User and Group Management to give them various levels of privileges for website administration for reading/creating/editing/publishing content.
  • Manage the media items like images in folders.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ranking on search engines.
  • Extensive “Meta Data” support to facilitate complex content classifications and associations.
  • Additional Component like news, newsletter, careers, product catalog and user management.
  • Webmaster can send newsletters to the subscribers and can archive the same.
  • Display of the current openings on the site and the accessibility of the posted resumes sorted by various parameters like experience, position, location etc.
  • Webmaster can update the product categories and their specifications along with the images.
  • Accessibility to different users as per their duties and designations.

A Web-based e-catalog is the gateway to a company’s full range of products. It provides accurate information and online access to the entire product collection. The main advantages of Web-based e-catalogs are that it is easy to update, and the search facility can help the user to find any product (by name, model, part number etc) within no-time, the user can chose the products and send it as an inquiry/orders which can be directly linked to your internal custom based application.

With the help of latest technology and breathtaking graphics, we at GRIPHENS create top of the line web-based interactive catalogs for our esteemed clients.

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